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The following are some of our most recent projects. Check back frequently, as we are constantly adding more to our client and project list.

Project list:
Naperville North High School

Naperville, IL The interior demolition project required removal of a large, interior, concrete lap pool that ranged from 4 feet to 12 feet in depth from end to end. Challenging enough, but try removing it with only two double entry doors for access. Break Thru rose to the occasion. Accustomed to unique projects that require attention to details and strategic approach, the interior demolition team brought in smaller scale equipment and completed a big job in only 8 days (2 days earlier than project deadline).
Naperville Central High School

Naperville, IL Break Thru was contracted to remove the 100’ by 25’, one story Trainer Building and basement, from the two-story high school facility. The project also required removal of concrete loading docks and stairwells to make room for the High School’s new addition.

Chicago, IL Perched high above South Michigan Avenue and Balbo Drive, just west of lake Michigan and Grant Park, compact skid-steer loaders and heavy-duty attachments worked floor by floor to demolish the interior of one of Chicago's oldest and most-famous luxury hotels.
Palmer House Hilton

Chicago, IL Interior demolition of entire lower level 67,600 sq. ft. consisting of retail space, restaurants, bars, office space, elevators, escalators, staircases, large concrete mezzanine and mechanical for a future lower level parking garage. Demolition of 30 large fan units and assoc. mechanical in second basement. Demolish 90 percent of the main street level retail and office space, storefronts on state street, Monroe Street, and Wabash ave.
Lutheran General Hospital Bed Tower

Park Ridge, IL Demolition of 7000 square feet of steel and concrete canopy and structural columns over the main entrance of the hospital. We had to remove the roofing, steel, and concrete with little noise due to the fact that there were patient and x ray rooms on the adjacent side of the exterior wall. The time frame was another critical problem we needed to overcome with excavation already started for the addition of a new 10 story patient tower in front of our work area.
Melrose Park Corporate Center

Melrose Park, IL Demolition of a two story masonry and concrete office building, and 130,000 square feet of adjacent warehouse. We had the removal of all slabs and foundations complete, including on site crushing of all the concrete and masonry into CA6 and 4” stone for use in the new construction. The time frame for the project was tight because the contractor needed to get substantial completion for the new warehouse before winter.
Cicero Corporate Center

Cicero, IL Demolition of an office and warehouse building that was 100,000 square feet in size. We hired an abatement contractor to remove asbestos and chemicals that were left in the building. This was another job where we had to recycle the concrete and masonry into stone for the build out. The building was built in the 1930’s and consisted of a large amount of common brick.
Shermer Road Building Demoliton

Northbrook, IL Demolition of a two-story masonry building situated on highly traveled Shermer Road. The front of the building faced Shermer Road, while the back of the building was near commuter train tracks. Once done with the demolition, the basement had to be filled back to grade by trucking in fill from off site.
Bow truss roof removal

Fox Valley Forge, Aurora, IL A two phased demolition of a wood roof system on an old "L" shaped masonry building. The roof was partially damaged by fire and needed to be replaced. The plant could not shut down so work had to be done amidst workers and running steel furnaces.
Machinery Building #55 Demolition

Calumet City Waste Water Treatment Plant - Chicago, IL Demolition of a two-story concrete and masonry building built in the 1920's. The building had many sub-basements, an underground coal bin, and original hoists and cranes. The basements went as far as 25'deep, with basement slabs being 2 foot thick and loaded with reinforcing steel.
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