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Bow truss roof removal - Fox Valley Forge
Aurora, Illinois

The project requirement
A two phased demolition of a wood roof system on an old "L" shaped masonry building. The roof was partially damaged by fire and needed to be replaced. The plant could not shut down so work had to be done amidst workers and running steel furnaces.

The Break Thru Solution
All work had to be done systematically by hand due to the existing fixed equipment down below. The roof framing and structure were demolished from on top of the roof and from below with crews in boom lifts. Once the framing was gone, the large bow trusses were strapped and lowered using a mobile crane that could fit within the production area. Half of the roof was taken per phase, with replacement taking place after each demolition phase.

In order to stay ahead of the roofing contractor building the new roof, extra man-power was sent early on to get a large portion of the roof down quickly. By using available boom lifts and cranes, each phase finished ahead of the anticipated schedule. The new roof was in place just before the first snowfall.

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