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Lutheran General Hospital Bed Tower
Park Ridge, Illinois

The project requirement
Demolition of 7000 square feet of steel and concrete canopy and structural columns over the main entrance of the hospital. We had to remove the roofing, steel, and concrete with little noise due to the fact that there were patient and x ray rooms on the adjacent side of the exterior wall. The time frame was another critical problem we needed to overcome with excavation already started for the addition of a new 10 story patient tower in front of our work area.

The Break Thru Solution
Break Thru used torches to cut out the steel portion of canopy to access the concrete portion. With the noise factor the hospital did not accept hydraulic breakers to be utilized on this aspect of the job therefore shoring was engineered and installed to support the saw cutting of the concrete into 5 x 5 sections. We then had to submit a lifting plan that consisted of calculating the weight and the rigging of the concrete and steel with the use of a 250 ton crane over the existing excavation. The pieces were prepped for 4 different phases. The first phase we used slings to pick the steel. The second phase we used four 5,000 pound capacity swivel hoist hooks drilled into 4 corners of the 5x 5 concrete and connected to an 11,000 pound capacity chain sling to lift the concrete and hoist over the excavation. The third phase was the most difficult in the fact that no shoring could be installed under the main entrance portion of the hospital that was still in operation. Break Thru purchased 4 custom made wire rope slings capable of lifting 15 tons. The entrance to the hospital was temporarily closed down and holes were then placed in 4 corners of 12x 20 sections of the concrete canopy, connected to 2 spreader bars then held in place while the concrete was cut free from the building and carefully lifted away. The fourth phase consisted of using nylon slings to choke wrap the concrete columns that were cut in place and hoisted away. All of our hoisting was done on Saturdays and Sundays as not to interfere with the ongoing construction of the bed tower. This project was completed on schedule and did not interrupt the ongoing construction or the hospital.

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