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Machinery Building #55 Demolition - Calumet City Waste Water Treatment Plant
Chicago, Illinois

The project requirement
Demolition of a two-story concrete and masonry building built in the 1920's. The building had many sub-basements, an underground coal bin, and original hoists and cranes. The basements went as far as 25'deep, with basement slabs being 2 foot thick and loaded with reinforcing steel.

The Break Thru Solution
Once the building was down and removed, the task of getting all of the foundations and slabs demolished was at hand. We used an array of concrete processing attachments for our back-hoes, as well as breakers, to demolish the 25'foundation walls. A wrecking ball in conjunction with the attachments was needed to tear out the slabs. Due to it's proximity to the lake, the hole was constantly filling with water and had to be pumped continuously. Once the structure was completely gone, we backfilled the hole with stone and compacted it in 12" lifts.

The variety of attachments used in demolishing the heavy duty concrete made it possible for Break Thru to meet the schedule set from the onset of the project Backfilling the hole finished just before the freezing temperatures hit.

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