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Palmer House Hilton
Chicago, Illinois

The project requirement
Interior demolition of entire lower level 67,600 sq. ft. consisting of retail space, restaurants, bars, office space, elevators, escalators, staircases, large concrete mezzanine and mechanical for a future lower level parking garage. Demolition of 30 large fan units and assoc. mechanical in second basement. Demolish 90 percent of the main street level retail and office space, storefronts on State Street, Monroe Street, and Wabash Ave. and remove concrete slab and structural beams 6512 sq. ft. to create an opening for the ramp to the lower level parking. Demolition of entire areas to very selective demo around historical areas of the hotel to remain on floors 2 through 7. Demolition of 3 exterior fire escapes and entry canopy on State Street. Demolition and removal of concrete slabs to create 3 new stairwells from the ground floor to the 7th floor. All work was to be performed while the hotel remained open and operational, which was a very important issue for the Hilton, so they could continue their legacy of being the only hotel in the U.S. to remain open and operational since the Chicago fire.

The Break Thru Solution
Break Thru was able to complete this project successfully with very skillful labor and management force, and very close and careful planning with the general contractor, other building trades, building management and in house trades. With the use of machines with special catalytic exhaust, special heavy lifting and hoisting equipment, skilled burners, operators, and labor Break Thru completed this project safely and efficiently, while the hotel did remain open and operational.

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