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Shermer Road Building Demoliton
Northbrook, Illinois

The project requirement
Demolition of a two-story masonry building situated on highly traveled Shermer Road. The front of the building faced Shermer Road, while the back of the building was near commuter train tracks. Once done with the demolition, the basement had to be filled back to grade by trucking in fill from off site.

The Break Thru Solution
Due to lack of access in front of the building by machinery, the entire second story masonry wall was demolished by hand. This controlled the fall of the wall and kept debris off of passing vehicles. Break Thru fenced in the demolition area to keep pedestrians away the demolition zone. The wall by the tracks was handled in a similar fashion. Because residences were nearby, as well as a park, dust had to be kept to a minimum. Water was continuously sprayed on the building as it was put to the ground.

The building was in the way of future retail and residential development and Break Thru finished the project well within schedule.

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